Who Is Steve Ayling?

Some who are fairly new to Traffic Exchanges and Mailers ask who Steve is and why his opinion should count or even matter. So here is just a little introduction to who Steve Ayling is.

Steve has been in the Internet Marketing niche since the early 2000's. He opened his first Traffic exchange or hit exchange as it was known back then in 2003.

In 2008 after learning how to make money using these programs and after building up a few sites he was able to quit his job as an assistant manager at a bowling alley to go full time online.

Since then Steve has been making a full time living in this niche. Yes, not many people make much money at all from Traffic Exchanges or Mailers but over the years Steve was able to not just make a full time living but also able to buy a holiday home and his dream car a convertible BMW.

Steve learnt the business side with a lot of effort, a lot of training courses, tracking his advertising and results and by soaking up as much information as possible over the years.

You will see a lot of Traffic Exchanges based around games and surfing contests, trying to get people to view as many sites as possible because the owners think that is the way to make the most money or because they target surfers and not advertisers.

The key to making money in this niche is to understand what sector of the market spend the most money and regularly and that is almost always the advertisers. They are called Traffic Exchanges for a reason, it's all about the traffic.

One advertiser can come along and spend $50 just like that on a couple of weeks advertising. BUT, if you don't provide good quality traffic and deliver the signups that they need then they will not spend that $50 again in 2 weeks time. It is pretty simple, give someone the ability to make $250 from spending $50 with you then you will almost guarantee $50 a fortnight for as long as you keep providing the results.

Over the last few years and various life events (You can read more over at my hub SteveAyling.com) Steve decided to open an offline Locksmith business, a passion and dream of his for many years. This was made possible with funds made from his Traffic Exchange & Mailer income.

So after downsizing his online business to focus more on his new off-line one for a bit of a change to being sat behind a computer all day for nearly 20 years, he created this Steve Ayling Recommends site to spread his knowledge, maintain an affiliate marketing presence and help to others.

So if you are looking at using Traffic Exchanges as a way to make money or promote your sites then Steve's many years of experience, training and tracking stats means that Steve's recommendations will be very useful to you. However, if you are more into surfing for games, collecting games pieces or badges etc or just hobby surfing then you probably won't find Steve's recommendations much use to you as the hobby surfing sites and ones with low advertising results do not feature much, if at all.

They do say it is about quality over quantity and it is much cheaper to get one signup a week from 2,000 credits than one a week from 10,000 credits. Yes, sometimes the slower delivery sites can produce a lot better results.

So, if someone who has made Traffic Exchanges and Mailers work well for them and has generated a full-time income over the years sharing his thoughts and recommendations with you is something you are interested in then check out the recommended site list today.

Steve will not only share his list but also the criteria and scores used to rank each site listed. One of the most comprehensive, honest and clearest ranking lists online.

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