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Steve Ayling here, I have been in Internet Marketing now since 2003 and for that entire time I have been making money as an affiliate marketer. That is where you promote other peoples products and services to get website traffic or earn a commission in exchange for doing so.

On top of that I have owned quite a few websites over the years. I started building them for myself and then I sold them all and started building them for others. During that time I have been using a variety of sites and services to generate sales, commissions and traffic. That is the information I am about to share with you today.

But to make it even better for you, I have added a built in downline builder so you too can promote the exact same sites and services and earn yourself some traffic and affiliate commissions.

You will discover the exact sites I like and use and some may be a surprise. While others use very active ones, ones they like or just ones that are huge. My recommendations include some that you may normally just pass by, but there is a reason I use them. They are set up right and although they may not be the fastest at delivering traffic, In terms of R.O.I they just simply produce results!

Inside you will discover:

* My favorite money maker & advertising tracker.

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