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Hey there, It's Steve again. Since 2003 I have used and owned Traffic Exchanges as a way of promoting my sites and affiliate links to make money online.

The banners on the right show the Traffic Exchanges that I use to promote my sites and affiliate links.

You can click the banners to check them out and I have added a couple of lines under each one to explain why I like and recommend these sites.

Traffic exchanges have always been a big part of how I have promoted online all the way back to 2003 when I first started internet marketing.

They still work as a credible source of advertising today but not quite the same as before. You need to pick a handful and be seen a lot in them rather than spread your efforts over lots of exchanges.

These sites may not be the most popular but to me it is all about getting results.

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Make sure that you have signed up for FREE email updates to be notified when new sites are added and if/why sites are removed. There is nothing to buy inside and you can delete your account at any time.

Please note: These are my personal recommendations based on the results that I get in number of signups and money made. This includes using both the sites service and any associated affiliate program. Sites are purely chosen on results and do not take into account that other sites may be more fun to use/surf. I cannot guarantee any results you may achieve by using the programs recommended and you may achieve different results than me.

This is my Traffic Exchange, It is 100% free to join and use with no credits or upgrades for sale. It also has one of the most powerful referral programs.

Not the most active but no cash for surf bribes, 1000 page surf limit and great traffic prices mean its worth time to surf or for those looking to buy credits.

You might not see this site advertised as much as others but it operates in a different area than most so you will get your sites seen by lots of new faces.

Another big TE here. Credit prices again a bit steep for me but it is worth upgrading and surfing for credits just because of its size and reach.

A Traffic Exchange that uses a feature as a key part of the site. Surfing through the Tiers to get your own is good fun and gets you lots of free traffic.

Very slow traffic delivery but as it's a pro only TE the results are great. 1000 credits will last you a while here but I reguarly get 3/4 signups from 1000.

A huge TE, Probably the biggest out there. A bit high on price for buying credits so I would surf a bit for your credits here.

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