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Hey there, I have used Mailers since the day that they started to become popular online, and you can get some of the best results by using Mailers as you can from any other style of Free or low cost internet marketing based Advertising sites but there are a few things to consider when joining them.

Mailers work by clicking email links from other members in exchange for credits that you can then use to send emails and get clicks to your site/affiliate links.

I suggest that you use a separate email address for joining mailers or that you create folders to filter them as you will get a lot of emails from being a member of a mailer.

The banners on the right show some of the Mailers that I use to promote my sites and affiliate links online. You can click the banners to check them out and I have added a couple of lines under each one to explain why I like and recommend these sites.

Use the blue menu bar at the top of the page to check out the other categories of recommendations.

Make sure that you have signed up for FREE email updates to be notified when new sites are added and if/why sites are removed. There is nothing to buy inside and you can delete your account at any time.

Please note: These are my personal recommendations based on the results that I get in number of signups and money made. This includes using both the sites service and any associated affiliate program. Sites are purely chosen on results and do not take into account that other sites may be more fun to use/surf. I cannot guarantee any results you may achieve by using the programs recommended and you may achieve different results than me.

Why I recommend this is simple to explain. I get the most signups to my sites from here for each 1000 emails sent than any other mailer.

It's a big mailer and it has some of the best credit prices in the mailer niche. This is one to use if you want to buy mailing credits and see a good return.

It's a mailer / credit based safelist but do not forget the lifetime banner ads etc that you can get as the clicks that I get convert like crazy.

This mailer has always been a big one with good results. You can reach a lot of people here and its easy to login and send a quick mail too.

This mailer has a little unique twist to its upgrade. With a one time very low lifetime fee that increases as more members join it pays to upgrade early.

A nice tidy great looking clean Mailer. A pleasure to use and a good commission earner of you want a mailer to promote as an affiliate.

Whether you are in to Crypto or not this combines an active growing mailer with Crypto. Appeals to new mailer users from another niche.

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